Spotlight FAQ

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a public message wall. The newest message is 'in the light.' After a new message is posted, it takes the spotlight position. However, all messages are saved on the front page of the site. They just move down as new ones are posted.

How much does Spotlight cost?

99 cents per posted message. This cost ensures spam will not be posted. For a limited time, you may also pay with a tweet. All messages will stay on the front page forever. You can buy a Spotlight message at

What makes Spotlight different?

Spotlight has many uses for consumers, advertisers, and small businesses. Local message boards (Coming Soon) will allow people or businesses to get a message out to their friends or community. Businesses can tell their community when there are sales and effectively spread the word. The global board (available on the homepage) allows users to get a message out to a large audience. Finally, people can use the service as a unique way to share good wishes, such as birthday shoutouts. The website will be available as a new tab chrome extension in the future and people will check the site often to see what is going on.

Why is my message not on Spotlight yet?

Messages are not automatically added. Each message will be read, approved, and then added to the website. This process can take a little time, but we will try to have all messages live within 24 hours. If many messages are added at once, your message may not be shown at the very top, but it will be on the front page in the correct chronological position.

Why did my message not get posted?

If your message is denied, you will receive an email with details as to why it was rejected. We deny any messages that violate our terms and conditions. We will not allow messages that we feel are threatening users, spam, etc. If your message is denied you will receive a refund. Otherwise, refunds are not allowed.